Friday, June 28, 2013

Stamping Day at MorningStar

Whenever I have new designs and need to make sample cards, I invite my stamping friend to come and join me for stamping day.  Generally I furnish lunch and she brings something yummy for dessert.  I think we're usually as excited over the good eats as we are the chance to stamp and visit.  Crispy Chicken Tortilla Rollups and Pig Lickin' Cake made for a great lunch.

Recipes for these can be found on Pinterest.  So, back to the stamping.  I now have completed 19 new samples and will be sharing one a day so check back often!

My daughter made me a cute wooden baby Jesus with Mary and Joseph she found on Pinterest.  I love it!  I made a rubber stamp version which will be released in July.  Here's the cute card.


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